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Mountain Biking Tours

Please call 503-715-2175 or email to schedule your fall tour

Mt. Hood Outfitters is your local guide for beginner to expert level mountain biking on & around Mt. Hood Oregon. Our Tour Guides have firm knowledge of the many miles of mountain bike trails that wind down & around Mt. Hood. 

Depending on trail conditions (whether the snow has melted or not!) there a few Tour options from which to choose. The Pioneer Bridle Tour connects the towns of Government Camp to Rhododendron with either our private shuttle or the local Mt. Hood Express Bus transporting you back up to our shop after you 9 exhilarating miles down the hill. 

The Timberline to Town Tours offer a fun & explosive mountain bike adventure that begins at Timberline Lodge with the option to go slower and either end at Government Camp or Rhododendron. If you prefer an to extend it all the way down to Trillium Lake, we will show you the way. No need to huff and puff on this one as we shuttle you to 6000′ elevation to start your 2000′ cruise back to Government Camp. Follow your friendly guide as you explore the Mt. Hood National Forest, stopping to get the best views and learning about this dormant volcano! Along the way you will also hear about the all the trees, plants, wildflowers, and wildlife that inhabit the area.

All Tours include your bike, helmet, & expert interpretive Tour Guide. 

Contact us at 503-715-2175 or email for more details.

  • Mt Hood Mountain Biking Tours
  • Mt Hood Mountain Biking Tours
  • Mt Hood Mountain Biking Tours
  • Mt Hood Mountain Biking Tours
  • Mt Hood Mountain Biking Tours
  • Mt Hood Mountain Biking Tours
  • Mt Hood Mountain Biking Tours
  • Mt Hood Mountain Biking Tours

We do not cancel due to inclement weather, unless lightning strikes within 15 miles of your destination. Cancellations within 72 hours of your reservation is 100% refunded, 48 hours is 50% refund, and 24 hours of less will not be refunded. For bookings less than 24 hours of your desired date, please email or call for availability.

We also sell used Mt Bikes at great prices! Inquire about used equipments sales by sending an email or giving us a call. Below is a list of some of our bikes:

MHO 1242017DBSPLINTER$1,500$775
MHO 2242017DBSPLINTER$1,500$775
MHO 3262018GIANTJUN. TRANCE$1,850$1,449
MHO 4S2016GIANTSTANCE$1,500$690
MHO 6M2017GIANTSTANCE$1,500$690
MHO 7M2019GIANTSTANCE$1,550$1,190
MHO 8M2019GIANTSTANCE$1,550$1,190
MHO 9L2017GIANTTRANCE$2,100$1,000
MHO 10L2017GIANTTRANCE$2,100$1,000
MHO 11XL2018GIANTTRANCE$1,500$775
MHO 12242015GIANTENCHANT$390$179
MHO 15S2019GIANTATX$475$370
MHO 16M2019GIANTATX$475$370
MHO 17L2019GIANTATX$475$370
MHO 18XL2019GIANTATX$475$370
MHO 19S2020GIANTSTANCE$1,550$1.230
MHO 20S2020GIANTSTANCE$1,550$1,230

We also work with Mt Hood Skibowl and you can see all the bikes they have available here on their site.


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