Top 10 Things to do in Spring on Mt Hood

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable experience, look no further than a stay on Mt Hood. We have your definitive Top 10 List for things to do on the Hood and will post a new activity daily. Mt Hood Outfitters offers Tours and Equipment Rentals, as well as an extensive offering of necessary Gear in our Retail Shop. Our expert staff can help you find trails, rivers and waterfalls throughout the Mt Hood National Forest. Stay at CollinsLakeResort in one of the luxurious condos and join all the events at Skibowl, Mt Hood Adventure Park and MtHoodOutfitters! Whether you are looking for a Hiking Tour, a SUP rental, want to compete in the famous PondSkim, or would like to relax in the year-round heated pool at Collins Lake Resort, our expert concierge will customize an unforgettable adventure that’s fun for everyone.

  1. Hike

The Mt. Hood National Forest is home to over one thousand miles of trails with breathtaking viewpoints, babbling brooks, and cascading waterfalls. The two-mile Trillium Lake loop trail circles the pretty alpine lake and delivers wonder-worthy views of Mount Hood across the water. Mirror Lake trail also traverses two miles for views of the peak beyond a glacial cirque lake, while Lost Lake has a shoreline trail and national forest campground near old-growth forest. Other trails visit waterfalls, alpine meadows, and the Old Oregon Trail route. For trail maps and directions, contactMt HoodOutfitters for maps, recommendations, and even your own private Tour Guide! Want to stay a couple of days for a total experience? Call CollinsLakeResort, and don’t forget all the events and activities at Mt Hood Adventure Park!

  1. Photography

Mt Hood draws thousands of photographers each year to her majestic peaks, and as one of the most recognizable mountains on the coast, it deserves all the attention she gets. Whether you would like a Mountain View from Trillium Lake to photographing Wildflowers during the “Big Bloom,” you will be sure to walk away with prize winning images. Spring is one of the best times to photograph around the area as the emergence of flora and fauna are set against the backdrop of the snow topped mountain.

  1. Bike

Mt Hood has some of the best bike trails in the world, with about 140 miles of open trails in the Mt Hood National Forest, famous for the old growth forests, iconic pink rhododendrons, and dense vegetation. Easy trail access, beginner to expert level terrain, and our very own Bike Terrain Park with over 40 miles of lift serviced riding at Mt Hood Adventure Park, makes this one of the most popular destinations for mountain biking. It’s also some of the most stunningly beautiful areas to ride through. Spring is an excellent time for those soft, leisurely trail rides to start the season off right. Take a tour with our expert guides who can teach you all the tricks of the trade, as well as give you all the knowledge about the area’s flora, fauna, and history.  Rent gear with Mt Hood Outfitters or bring your own bike, and our trained staff will help you find the perfect trail for your skill level and sightseeing pleasure.

  1. Fish

The Mt. Hood National Forest provides an endless number of fishing opportunities for the experienced and beginning angler. Beautiful rivers and streams, high elevation lakes, reservoirs and even small ponds offer just about every setting one could hope for to relax and fish, or just enjoy the magnificent scenery. Fishing is an especially popular Spring activity on Mt Hood as the surrounding lakes are newly stocked by Fish and Wildlife with “trophy” and prize-winning Trout. Nearby rivers host Trout, salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, and bass and are popular for Fly Fishing as well as spinners and bait fishing. Mt Hood Outfitters can take you to all the best fishing holes, or you can find the most recent Trout Stocking schedule Here.

  1. Bird Watching

From tiny bushtits to huge raptors, indigenous and often rare bird species witnessed near Mt. Hood and provide unlimited entertainment for bird watchers amid the gorgeous Oregon landscape. Bird watching trips through central Oregon are best undertaken in spring and summer, before migratory flocks make their southern trek to warmer climates. The variety of habitats in the Mt. Hood National Forest, from rainforest to alpine tundra, are home to an even larger variety of nesting, forest, and songbirds, waterfowl and raptors. Birders of all experience levels will enjoy visiting this area. Binoculars with at least 7-8X magnification and 35 mm lens diameter are recommended for bird watching. Nature walks and trails can be found all over the region to view forest, nesting, and migratory species, waterfowl, and raptors.

  1. Mt Hood Cultural Museum

Alongside a great view of the mountain, the Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum provides a good look into the mid-nineteenth-century history of the area. Featuring exhibits detailing earlier pioneers who explored Mt. Hood, the evolution of skiing on the mountain, and artifacts from its century-long status as a national forest, the cultural center and museum provides interesting insight into any Mt. Hood visit. For those interested in hosting a group event, the spacious clubhouse and meeting room can be rented with advanced reservation.

Address: 88900 Government Camp Loop, Government Camp, Oregon

Official site:

  1. Mushroom Hunting

When temperatures are right and the mushrooms start popping, finding an array of mushrooms on Mt Hood is a rewarding but addicting hobby.  Be sure you know what you are doing or go with a guide and mark your trails! You can find a variety of mushrooms in spring, from morels to oyster mushrooms, then head directly home and prepare them for the evening dinner, dry them for later use, or try to grow your own on some hardwood logs. Bring a lunch with you and enjoy a picknick in the woods and be sure to bring your camera for documenting your finds. Remember to look up every once in a while, so you don’t get lost and don’t miss the spectacular views and iconic landscapes that comprise the Mt Hood National Forest.

  1. Streamwatch Fish Trail

Prior to 1992, this side channel flowing from the Salmon River into Wildwood was blocked off to prevent flooding. As part of the Cascade Streamwatch Project, the channel was opened providing critical habitat for thousands of young salmon and steelhead. Other projects placed log jams in the Salmon River to provide more shelter for fish. Follow the sound of rushing water as the Streamwatch Trail leads to a river overlook, and features exciting exhibits including an Underwater Viewing Window! Look for fingerling and juvenile salmon and trout swimming, feeding and resting in the shelter of logs and roots. Find crayfish, sculpin, insects, larvae, and snails thriving in the rocks of the stream bottom. Steelhead may be observed from February through May, and in the late Summer and Fall you may catch a glimpse of an adult Coho salmon. 

  1. Fruit Loop Tour

The Fruit Loop is a collection of farms, orchards, vineyards, wineries, and value-added agricultural businesses. The average trip taken on the Fruit Loop is a 1-day tour event, however, you can spend as little as an hour or as long as 2 days exploring the Fruit Loop’s unique offerings. Along the way, you will find marvelous picnic areas, hiking and biking trails, and unique towns. Blossoms begin near the end of March and continue through May. Fruit tree blossoms are at their peak in mid to the end of April. Many wineries are open year-round and have a variety of options in their tasting rooms.

  1. Relax!

There is nothing more relaxing than reading a fabulous book by a river or lake, practicing yoga in the great outdoors, or even walking through town drinking a cup of coffee. Whatever your pleasure, a trip to Government Camp may be just what the Doctor ordered!


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